Life is filled with magical moments, some of which I proudly present today.


What makes this collection so special is that they represent my eight years in the great state of Florida, a tranquil time that I won't soon forget.  

A quiet Sunday morning. A relaxing drive along A1A.  Stopping somewhere between Delray Beach and Fort Lauderdale, I pulled out my camera and began filming. 

The first real test of my Blackmagic URSA, I was surprised at how easy it was to capture proper framing, especially with the little birds chasing their early morning meal.

The Beach

Breathtaking; the first word that comes to mind.


Reaching high into the air, the enormity of this sculpture is beyond comprehension.


From the mirror like surface of the reflecting pool to the heartbreaking breadth of the Memorial Wall, one is humbled by it’s immense size.  A true testament to humanitiies strength, sorrow, growth, and rebirth.

One of my go to locations, Morikami is as relaxing as it is visually stimulating.

From it's lush landscapes to its gentle gardens, one could spend hours embraced it int's tranquil atmosphere.

Many fantastic artists participated in the 2018 Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, a massive display spanning several streets in the small, ocean front town of Lake Worth, Florida.

With it's music, food venders, and heavy population of visitors, this festival was one of the most unique I've visited.

Too bad the art work is chalk.

Hidden away in Miami Florida this awe-inspiring location is featured in several Hollywood productions, most notably, Iron Man 3 and Bad Boys 2.


While one can not take video or photos inside the home itself, the exterior is open for all, but take note, there is a lot to experience here and a simple afternoon will not do it.


Schedule a day, even a weekend to take it all in. You won’t be disappointed.

Discovering that the legendary comedian, Leslie Neilson was buried nearby, the missus and I took a drive to not only pay our respects but to film the wildlife that frequents this location.

From Iguanas, to families of multicolored ducks, I was taken in by the beauty of this magnificent landmark.

Alright. This place is just cool.


Nothing makes you smile more than being surrounded by a couple hundred different species of butterfly’s.


And if that isn’t enough there are Lorikeets, Hummingbirds, Macaws, and a vast assortment of flowers to keep you occupied.

By far the largest nature walk I've visited.

This three minute video is comprised of two four-hour blocks shot over the course of a weekend.

With over 160 GB worth of footage, it took nearly two weeks to edit.

A must see for anyone looking for a little peace and serenity.

One of the numerous nature trails in South Florida, Apoxee offers miles of landscape to explore. Literally.


At 4.7 miles, it is easy to spend an entire afternoon here without seeing all there is to offer.


A great place to go to lose oneself for a day.

Filmed with Blackmagic URSA, Production Camera 4K, Pocket Cinema Camera, and Canon EOS 7D with Magic Lantern.


 Lenses include Sigma 50-100mm F1.8 DC HSM | Art, 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM | Art, and 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3 DC Contemporary Lens. 


Additional Production Tools:  Blackmagic Video Assist, METABONES Canon EF Lens to BMPCC T Speed Booster, EDELKRONE SLIDER PLUS  and POCKETRIG2.


Edited with DAVINCI RESOLVE 12.


Cinematography, Visual Effects, Color Grading, Audio Engineering, and Video Editing by JOHN E. TUCKER.

© Copyright 2007 - 2018.  All Rights Reserved.  Written,

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