Cause and Effect

Visual effects are everywhere.  From the nightly news to the latest blockbuster nearly everything we watch is affected by effects.

In my world, I bring high end motion graphics to the local automotive scene through the use of Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D, Trapcode ParticularVideo Copilot Optical Flares, and Greyscale Gorilla Plugin's. 

Starting with Adobe After Effects, I seamlessly manipulate images to fit the expected narrative.  In the case of the Lexus of Melbourne spot featured below, I was tasked with changing a daytime shoot into early evening.  I was also expected to add some Christmas decor to the neighborhood as this was an early November shoot and not quite time for decorations.

For the Roush spot I rotoscoped a few on-location shots of the new vehicle and exchanged the background with city footage. 

I then tracked the forward motion of the car and attached the countdown timer and flames. The title cards were created in Cinema 4D with additional compositing in After Effects 

Nissan of Cool Springs contains several parallax sequences, all built from a single photo.  The technique is painstaking as I have to mask out each element;, paint out the background; reassemble in After Effects; distribute in Z space; and then add cameras, lights, and, in some cases, flares.  Depending on how complex the initial image is, one photo can take in upwards of eight hours to build.  

The final example is test footage of a futuristic desk I created for an abandoned spot.


Marvel's Infinity War was just hitting the theatre and my Infiniti of Coconut Creek store wanted to do an ambitious shoot with green screen, top level visual effects, and a grandiose tie-in to the film. Unfortunately time and money interfered and they went with a more traditional Tier III spot.

Oh well.

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