Over 15 Years Combined Experience

Supported by 1,586 television commercials; 1,271 radio spots; 153 web videos, and an 8 year run in professional advertising, I guarantee to provide top end creative from concept to deliverable.


This includes Video Editing, Visual Effects, Audio Recording and Mixing, 3D Modeling and Animation, Cinematography, Script Development, Directing, and Voice Overs. 

Upgrade Your Creative

Get National Level Deliverables at Local Advertising Prices

Tools and experience alone don't make for a true professional. You've gotta have backing.  Which is why a solid reel is essential. 


The problem with reels is that no one but the professional knows exactly how much they contributed to the final product.

In each of the above examples, cinematography*; editing; visual effects; 3D modeling, texturing, and animation; color correction; audio design, and script development were performed and/or created by me.

For Volkswagen of South Charlotte, I have included a pre-visual effects version.  This spot was filmed on the back lot of the dealership but needed a neighborhood feel.


To achieve this I replaced all background elements with local photography.

The only notable deviations are in the form of running footage, drone shots, and the Ferrari Presentation in which all visual assets were supplied.

*one or more clips shot by JOE NANNA 

Volkswagen of South Charlotte

Ferrari Presentation

Mercedes-Benz of Westminster

Chrysler Dodge of Columbia*


Volvo Cars of Naples

As part of the largest, privately owned automotive management company in the United States, I brought a certain level of sophistication to the video department; creating national looking spots at local advertising prices.  

Coupled with 8+ years as an audio engineer, my skills are not only supported by the quality of my work, but through the many accolades I've received by my General Managers, Account Executives, and staff.

Make no mistake; I fully embrace the complexity of the creative process and am looking forward to working with you in the future. 

To INFINITI and Beyond

Eight years.  That's a mighty long time.  Especially in the world of Advertising.  But in those eight years I've worked with some of the heaviest brands in the galaxy.

Bentley, Ferrari, and Porsche are just a few of the names that have crossed my path, including more consumer friendly models as Toyota, Hyundai, and Ford. 

Advertising is an art form; a study into the complexities of the brand, General Managers, and Account Executives.  It takes time and patience to find commonality between these unique entities and build a universe in which all equally reside.   

This is what  I've accomplished during my eight years at AMSI and it's what sets me apart from my peers.

Each, however, have their own  trajectory, orbiting around a unique set of guidelines we call compliance.  

It is in these guidelines where most of the magic occurs, for how is one supposed to create diverse and interesting spots when the artist is constrained by such tight parameters? Simple; by addressing the problem as an opportunity instead of a cosmic event. 

Tier III advertising does not mean having to rely on thirty seconds of meh. 

By systematically moving away from hard sell of Tier III Advertising you will, in most cases, experience higher volumes of foot traffic and better quality leads.

Perception will change.  Viewers will take you seriously, and in the end remember you for your excellent creative.

So join the evolution.  Call or email today to get started.

Cinematography, color grading, and Video Editing by JOHN E. TUCKER

Drone footage by JOE NANNA

Felix Sabates Footage by Hummingbird Productions

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